Destiny Buddy

Destiny Buddy is a tool for managing Star Wars: Destiny card collection.


While Destiny Buddy does a lot of things it has some limitations as well:


2020-10-15: 1.10

New features

  • Card usage information in the statistics window.
  • Die quality analyzing tool.


  • Updating Destiny Buddy is now a more automatic process.
  • Holocron rework.
  • Improvements in the custom card editor.
  • Filtering now applies used holocron and currently open deck when hitting the reset button if this option is selected.
  • Improvements to proxy card printing.

2020-08-27: 1.09.1

This update focuses on fixing bugs and issues around the custom card creation.

2020-07-26: 1.09 and custom card creation!

New features

  • Custom card and set creation.


  • Improved the proxy die side drawing to be more similar with the official SWD dice.


  • Plots can now have normal and elite point costs.
  • Character and plot teambuilding points are now shown in the card browser and deck editor when the point cost is negative or zero.
  • Warning about deck containing cards from illegal sets should now properly be hidden when "Hide warnings" -text is clicked.

2020-03-15: 1.08 is out!

New features

  • It is now possible to import decks from by using the deck's swdestinydb url or deck id.
  • Deck editor can now export a list of all the erratas that have been applied to the cards contained in the deck.
  • Destiny Buddy can now generate tokens which can be used to represent the dice of the cards.


  • Updated the default tagfile for Covert Missions.
  • When browsing decks in the deck editor it is possible to filter them based on the names of the decks or if the user owns all the cards used in the decks.
  • Proxy creator can now print the backsides of the cards.
  • It is now possible to assign notes for cards.
  • Tradelist comparison now does not show 0 values.
  • Tradelist comparison now shows how many copies of each card you own.
  • There should be no "ding" when enter is pressed while a control in filtering form is selected.
  • Added 40/40 Highlander and Limited Infinite as a selectable formats in the deck editor.


  • Character point calculation should now work for non-unique elite characters.
  • Team total health shound now be properly calculated when the team contains non-unique elite characters.
  • Card that is selected should now be more reliably updated in the card preview, tag editor and inventory/card value - windows.
  • Fixed the order of the different filters when going through them by using tab-key in the filtering form.
  • Characters that don't have 2-die point cost cannot be made elite in the deck editor anymore.
  • Deck editor now shows owned/not owned color properly for characters that exist as multiple copies in a deck. (For example if the deck contains 2 copies of Gamorrean Guards while only 1 copy is owned it is colored with the "not owned" color.)
  • Sorting direction is now saved properly.
  • Certain column settings might not have caused the changed settings to be saved.
  • Default column width is now used (instead of 0) if some column's width is not found in the settings.csv.
  • Card summary text now shows teambuilding point cost for plots instead of a resource cost of 0.
  • Card summary text no longer shows resource cost of 0 for battlefields.
  • When a deck is duplicated the version snapshot list is now updated accordingly.
  • Multiline card text or flavor text should no longer cause issues when exporting the browser's cardlist.
  • Confirmation window when deleting a trade should now be appropriately sized to show the yes and no buttons.

2019-12-21: Destiny Buddy is out!

Destiny Buddy is now available for download.