Destiny Buddy

Destiny Buddy is a tool for managing Star Wars: Destiny card collection.


While Destiny Buddy does a lot of things it has some limitations as well:


2022-02-23: 1.10.4

Update that adds support for the new die side costs. Memory usage has also been improved as there was a memory leak when creating proxy cards and custom sets needlessly used resources even when they were not being edited.

Get it either with the update tool or by downloading it manually.

Balance holocrons for the latest ARH balance changes have also been created. You can get them by going into the settings, choosing the Balance of the Force -tab, clicking Manage Holocrons and clicking the Download -button.

2021-10-18: 1.10.3 is out!

A minor update. The most notable improvements include the following:

  • Some changes have been made to make Destiny Buddy compatible with Wine/Linux.
  • Holocrons now can now contain a list of cards that are legal even if they are not from the legal sets.
  • It is now possible to choose where the card information file is downloaded from.

2021-07-17: Summer news

Holocron update

A Renewed Hope updated their balance holocron for High Stakes. An updated holocron file is available for download in the balance holocron manager.

Image that guides how to find the download holocrons button.

Destiny Buddy on Dice Commando's Commando Cast!

Dice Commando youtube channel features a video about Destiny Buddy where I do a quick tour over the most important features of Destiny Buddy. Make sure to check this channel out as the Commando Casts are solid content and there is a lot of cool gameplay videos. Occasionally you might even see me failing at this game and get a laugh out of it.

2021-05-29: 1.10.2

A new release with a numerous improvements and bugfixes.

2021-01-16: 1.10.1

A minor update to Destiny Buddy that fixes some bugs, improves the compatibility with The Coruscant Initiative's Eternal Conflict -set and brings some small quality of life -improvements.

Some highlights

  • Proxy generator now allows drawing cutting lines to the result pdf.
  • Proxy generator can now be used to create double-sided proxies.
  • Characters and plots can now have more than 2 point costs (this includes custom card creation).
  • Cards with " in their names should no longer cause issues when exporting decks to the Tabletop Simulator.
  • It is now possible to filter cards based on if they have a die or not.
Example of red cutting lines on a printable proxy card. It is now possible to make two-sided proxies. Example of two-sided proxy card. Filtering based on if a card has a die or not is possible with this option.

See the update history for the complete list of changes.

2020-10-15: 1.10

New features

  • Card usage information in the statistics window.
  • Die quality analyzing tool.


  • Updating Destiny Buddy is now a more automatic process.
  • Holocron rework.
  • Improvements in the custom card editor.
  • Filtering now applies used holocron and currently open deck when hitting the reset button if this option is selected.
  • Improvements to proxy card printing.

2020-08-27: 1.09.1

This update focuses on fixing bugs and issues around the custom card creation.

2020-07-26: 1.09 and custom card creation!

New features

  • Custom card and set creation.


  • Improved the proxy die side drawing to be more similar with the official SWD dice.


  • Plots can now have normal and elite point costs.
  • Character and plot teambuilding points are now shown in the card browser and deck editor when the point cost is negative or zero.
  • Warning about deck containing cards from illegal sets should now properly be hidden when "Hide warnings" -text is clicked.